Coach Danelle Ballangee

Daily Nutrition

During your everyday routine, eat a balanced diet based on the "food pyramid" Eat mainly whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Eat moderate amounts of meat, poultry and dairy products for added protein. (Vegetarians can eat soy or other protein sources.) Minimize (but do not eliminate) fats and sugars. Stay hydrated every day!

We at feel that knowledge about nutrition is the first step in eating a healthy diet, especially for those who are exercising or wanting to shed a few pounds.

Sports Nutrition

About two hours before a workout or race, eat a high carbohydrate meal followed by a small snack, gel packet (such as Hammer Gel), or sports drink (such as Hammer Heed.) During your workout, stick with quick sources of energy containing foods that are high in sugars or maltodextrin such as energy bars, gels, and/or sports drinks. These sugars are easier to digest during exercise. For workouts or races one hour or less, you should be o.k. with just water. Shortly after your workout or race, eat or drink something with some protein, such as a tuna or chicken sandwich. A more convenient protien source might be a protein bar or drink.

A multi-vitamin/mineral supplement is recommended for athletes and those who are increasing their workout duration and frequency. Supplemental amino acids and anti-oxidants have shown to improve recovery in athletes.

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