Coach Danelle Ballangee


To set a goal is to make a commitment.

Define your ultimate goal. Why are you doing this? Why are you choosing to live this way? This is an easy question. Now answer it!

Match your goals with your abilities and desires. What are your abilities? What are your desires? Your goals should be challenging, yet realistic.

Set both intermediate and long term goals.

Set goals for your specific workouts.

Set nutrition goals.

Set specific competition goals.

Re-evaluate (change) your goals based on your progress and other factors in your life that may influence your goals. Remember your future is not set in stone. Goals are something to strive for. It’s OK if they aren’t always met. Just keep setting new goals.

Some suggestions for helping achieve your goals: develop correct technique (perhaps hire a coach or trainer!), workout/train with others or in groups, be consistent (yo-yo training takes its toll), add variety and spark to your workouts (cross train year round), prevent injuries (by taking time off and cross training.)

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